The Internationalization of the Colombian Publication in the Field of Management: Advances and Challenges [A internacionalização da publicação colombiana no campo da administração: Avanços e desafios] [La internacionalización de la publicación colombiana en el campo de la administración: Avances y desafíos]

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  • The Colombian management faculties (FCA) face a growing “institutional pressure” to increment the quantity and quality of their international publication. The purpose of this text is to establish how the FCA have answered to such pressure and analyze alternatives to face the challenges that this internationalization has posed. The systematic investigation in the Wos and Scopus between 2001 and 2015 reveals an internationalization process that is in its infancy, which is simultaneous to the process registered in other Latin American countries. The international discussion on the management publication opens possibilities that require assuming reality itself as a reservoir of opportunities to generate original knowledge and develop indicators that can supply the quotation limitations to understand the –social– utility of the articles. © 2016, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. All right reserved.

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