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Rozo, Sandra  |  Assistant Professor


I am a development economist. I work as an assistant professor at the Marshall School of Business of USC. Key research topics that interest me include: ​1. Exploring the effects of forced migration within hosting economies and of the role of public policies in supporting these migrants. Some of my work explores the effects of Syrian refugees in Jordanian's consumption decisions; the impacts of Venezuelan migrants in voting behavior in Colombia; and the effects of a large scale regularization of forced migrants in Colombia. ​2. Studying how firms' decisions change with economic and political shocks. I have work that studies how firms cope with Syrian refugee migration shocks in Turkey, violent crime in Colombia, and higher diversity in the United States. I hold a PhD (2015) and MA (2012) from UCLA, and a BA (2007) and MA (2008) from Universidad de los Andes.
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  • Conflict
  • Crime
  • Diversity
  • Firm Development
  • Migration

Educación y Formación

  • Doctorado en Economía - University of California

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  • Doctor

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  • Rozo
  • Sandra

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