Poverty, Armed Conflict and Human Rights: An Analysis of the Objective Causes of Violence in Colombia


  • Serie de Documentos en Economía y Violencia


  • This work analyses the influence of economic variables, poverty and armed conflict on violence in Colombia. For this purpose, a time series method is used to analyses economic and social data through which different long-term coefficients are estimated in order to determine the effects of these variables on violence in Colombia from 1950 to 2006. Socioeconomic characteristics, poverty and variables associated with armed conflict affect the dynamics of violence, and moreover, there are various political variables that have a notable influence upon the determinants of violence in Colombia. More precisely, variables associated with a lack of state presence in some regions and educational aspects are determinant factors that influence the incidence of violence in the country.

fecha de publicación

  • 2010-08

Líneas de investigación

  • Armed Conflict
  • Economic Growth
  • Poverty
  • Violence


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