Economía política de la modernidad [Political Economics of Modernity]


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  • This article consists of three parts. The first response to the idea of ??keeping TOCQUEVILLE own arguments in Old Regime and the Revolution, without reproducing copiously text line by line. This component is the main concerns and conflicting judgments about the revolution, the decisive role that the author gives to religion and how Europe was in ruins. Tocqueville is particularly interested in showing the exacting nature of feudal rights especially in France. Administrative centralization is an institution par excellence of the Old Regime and the same process. In the second part devoted several sessions to understand the reasons TOCQUEVILLE claims to show the history of property rights and land tenure. In the third session we show the influence of the Revolution and encyclopedic deviations could have brought the author. The reformist spirit of the French during the period from the fourteenth to the nineteenth centuries. Tocqueville scholars encounter numerous observations annotations that can supplement your readings.

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  • 2014

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  • History of Economics
  • Modernity
  • Political Economics
  • Tocqueville


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