Economía de guerra y narcotráfico [War Economy and Drug Trafficking: Preliminary Study Notes]


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  • In the analysis of the economic motivation of the war, the financial evaluation around resourcing stands; In Colombia has made ??considerable effort to understand and quantify the finances of the guerrillas. If you remove a small fraction of funding from public funds, it can be said that the funding sources of subversion are basically two: those arising from the activities of kidnapping and extortion and, on the other hand, the collection of taxes coca growers. Each of these activities would be contributing nearly half of the resources. However, the complexities of quantifying the costs of war are related in the case of Colombia with other aspects that are postulated in this paper.

fecha de publicación

  • 2014

Líneas de investigación

  • Colombia
  • Drugs
  • Economic Illegals
  • Laws
  • Paramilitaries
  • War Civil


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