Migration and Overeducation of Venezuelans in the Colombian Labor Market

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  • The Indian Journal of Labour Economics


  • Using the Great Integrated Household Survey database (GEIH) 2018, this article analyzes the overeducation situation of the Colombian workers compared with the Venezuelan migrant population. We study a cohort that migrated five years ago and a cohort that migrated one year ago. Results show a greater overeducation for Venezuelans who arrived in the first migration wave than for Venezuelans who arrived in the second migration wave. Undereducation was found for Venezuelans who arrived more recently. We find that overeducation, required education, undereducation returns will also depend on the migration situation and individual and regional characteristics. The ORU econometric models allow characterizing the Venezuelan workforce compared with the Colombian workforce in 2018.

fecha de publicación

  • 2022

Líneas de investigación

  • Geographic labor mobility
  • Immigrant workers
  • Migration
  • Overeducation


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