Sobre-educación en el mercado laboral colombiano

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  • Revista de Economía Institucional


  • This paper analyzes over-education in Colombia, using the data of individuals and companies, compiled by the National Apprenticeship Service (SENA) in 2006. It finds that there is a 14% likelihood of being over-educated and that this depends on the mobiliTY between different areas of performance, experience, sex, company size, and educational degree. Overeducated workers earn 2% less than properly-educated workers, according to the international standard. Results also show that in the case of professionals, the likelihood of remaining in the same subject area increases with their experience, and that the higher the level of over-education, the lower likelihood of staying in that area, and workers who hold a graduate degree are less likely to stay in their subject area.

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  • 2008

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